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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-authorization or pre-certification?

Pre-authorization or pre-certification is a process completed by Conifer Health Solutions, the Trust’s Utilization Management Vendor.  Certain services covered by the Plan require this process (like Hospitalizations, Continued stays at an Inpatient Facility, and some outpatient services).  

If your Physician recommends that you or a covered family member be hospitalized, you must contact the Utilization Management Vendor for assistance with the certification process. Hospitalizations out of the country or when this Plan is the secondary payer do not require pre-certification. All other hospitalizations require pre-certification prior to an elective or planned hospitalization or the next business day after an urgent or emergency admission. To obtain pre-certification for an admission, call Conifer Value-Based Care at 877-687-9527.

When you call, have your Medical ID number, Employer name, patient name, home phone number, physician name and phone number ready.

Notification may be initiated by you, a family member, your Physician, or representative from the hospital. The Utilization Management Vendor will review your Physician’s recommendations based on the medical information supplied and accepted standards and criteria for hospital admission. In most cases, the Utilization Management Vendor will notify you, your doctor, and the hospital of your certification approval within 24 hours. (For hospitalizations, the hospital will be advised of the number of approved days when Conifer provides certification approval).

Who is Conifer Health Solutions?

Conifer Health is a certified health solutions company and a national leader in personal health management and healthcare technology. With 30 years in the healthcare industry and on-the-ground experience in 135 markets nationwide, Conifer knows the ins and outs of local health systems, physician groups, employers and unions. Conifer helps members navigate the healthcare system and provide the tools for them to adopt healthy behaviors through collaboration and education. The Utilization Management provisions of the Trust’s Plan are administered by Conifer, our Utilization Management Vendor. The staff at Conifer are Physicians and Registered Nurses who monitor the use of your health care benefits to ensure that you and your family:

    a. Receive the best medical care possible in the most appropriate health care setting;
    b. Avoid unnecessary surgery and excess hospital days; and
    c. Receive answers to questions you have regarding medical care.

Components of the Utilization Management program include:

    a. Pre-certification of all hospital admissions,
    b. Continued Stay Review of all hospitalizations;
    c. Pre-certification of all Outpatient surgeries and the following: Residential Treatment Facility for Mental Health and Substance Abuse (considered inpatient); Birthing Centers; Clinical Trial Patient Cost Coverage; Intensive Outpatient Services for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Durable Medical Equipment over $1,500 per Calendar Year; Home Health Care; Hospice Care; Skilled Nursing Facility, and Surgical treatment of morbid obesity;
    d. Case management of potentially catastrophic cases;
    e. Disease Management.

Pre-certification, continued stay review, and outpatient pre-notification decisions are based on the medical policy guidelines of the Utilization Management Vendor. Otherwise, all Medical Necessity reviews will be performed by the Claims Administrator utilizing CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and other applicable medical policies.