2022 CareFirst Administrators ID Cards

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September 27, 2021

2022 CareFirst Administrators ID Cards

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 (CAA), enacted on December 27, 2020, requires carriers to display the following information on member identification cards for coverage beginning January 1, 2022. This is a mandate, but also an opportunity to clarify cost-sharing for members to make it easier for them to understand their plan benefits.

Members will receive a new ID card beginning January 1, 2022, upon renewal.

The mandated updates are as follows:

  • Any deductible applicable to the plan or coverage
  • Any out-of-pocket maximum limitation applicable to the plan or coverage
  • A telephone number and website address that a member can use to seek consumer assistance information, such as information related to hospitals and urgent care facilities that have in effect a contractual relationship with the plan or coverage for furnishing items and services under the plan or coverage which is currently included on the back of the ID cards

Outside of the mandate, CFA has been directed to remove all RX vendor logos and replace vendor-specific verbiage with generic language on the back of the cards. This is driven as part of an Association Requirement identified by CareFirst Legal.

ID cards will continue to include the following:

Front of Card

  • Member name
  • Member ID
  • Coverage level
  • Group No.
  • Benefit plan
  • RX Info If Required
  • BCBS plan

Back of Card

  • Carefirst disclaimer
  • Website URL
  • Member services phone number
  • Provider Services phone number
  • OON provider phone number
  • RX phone number If Required
  • Provider mailing information
  • Pharmacy disclaimer

If a member does not receive a new ID card by the renewal effective date, the member should call the Member Service number on the back of their current ID card.

The digital version of the member ID card and health ticket will also be updated in the self-service portal (www.cfablue.com) upon renewal.

Once a member receives their new ID card, they should destroy their old card and begin using the new one.