2022 Benefit Cards

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December 6, 2021

2022 Benefit Cards

Medical ID cards for 2022 will be sent for printing, and then mailing, early this week, and should be in members’ hands by January 1, 2022.  All enrollees will receive a new medical card, even if they are renewing with the same medical plan in 2022.

As a follow up to a prior communication in September, some updates were made to the ID cards for 2022 which provide members and providers with more clarity on participant benefit information.  Please note, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association made a requirement to remove all Pharmacy Benefit logos starting with 1/1/2022 renewals.  CVS/Caremark is still our Pharmacy Benefit Manager – so please do not be alarmed!  There is only one card for both medical and prescription benefits.  Members should present this new card to providers and pharmacists starting January 1, 2022.  I’ve included sample Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards for each of our four plans for your reference.

  • If a member does not receive a new ID card by January 1, 2022, the member should call the Member Service number on the back of their current ID card.  (For new groups to the Trust, have employees contact HR and escalate to Sarah Robinson or myteam@cfablue.com since employees may not know their new member ID.)
  • The digital version of the member ID card and health ticket will also be updated in the self-service portal (www.cfablue.com) upon renewal.
  • Once a member receives their new ID card, they should destroy their old card and begin using the new one.

What about our other carriers?

Delta Dental of Virginia cards have not changed, and only new dental participants will receive new cards.  If a digital or hard copy card is needed, HR may contact Delta Dental for assistance obtaining a card for an employee (NorthernAccountManagementTeam@deltadentalva.com).

VSP does not issue ID cards, but members can download a card from the website if they would like to have one handy.   Have the employee go to www.vsp.com and log in to the members portal.  From the member home page, they should click on the Member ID Card tile to print or download a copy of their vision ID card.

P&A flex debit cards are good for three years from the date of issue. Anyone already issued a card in 2020 or 2021 will have the funds reloaded on 1/1/2022. New participants starting 1/1/2022 will cards ordered for them from the date they were enrolled in the plan.  Flex cards are expected for brand new participants by the first week of January 2022.  If a prior participant lost or discarded their previously issued card, a new card can be ordered by you or the participant.  If you wish to assist your employees with this, here are some instructions to do so online on the P&A HR Connect portal.

Please contact Sarah Robinson with any questions or concerns!